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Krewe du Kork celebrates Barkanalia 2021 to benefit the Good Shepherd Humane Society – Animal Shelter

Krewe du Kork  History:

Established in 2017, Krewe du Kork follows the Carnival institution of the “Social Aid & Pleasure Club” and celebrates wine, spirits, food, fun, and cultural and historical heritage. Krewe du Kork hosts tastings, dinners, and other festive outings throughout the year. In addition to planning social events, Krewe du Kork promotes a sense of unity in the community and performs charitable works.

Community-based, beloved projects are exactly why the Krewe du Kork was formed by Ko-Kaptains Cne’ Breaux and Ilene Powell. They wanted to combine the Mardi Gras traditions of giving back, food, fun, and of course, all things Kork!